My name is Collins Fortner; born May 30th in Dallas, Texas. Shortly after I was born, our family packed our bags and headed east to New Orleans, Louisiana, but after a few years and a love for the Louisiana culture, it was time to head back west where we now reside: Houston, Texas.

I grew up in a big family of seven that is very musically inept, we all can sing or play musical instruments, my personal favorite is the saxophone.

I was the middle child in the big family, with two older sisters and two younger brothers, but I knew how to be the center of attention whenever I wanted or needed it.

I am a somewhat competitive person and participated in several sports, all the way from little league to high school. Throughout the years, I was active in Basketball, Baseball, and Football. However, Basketball was my first love. I was the point guard, the facilitator. This role correlated to my life off the Basketball court, too.

Even in school, I was the type of student to present and look at the finished project before submitting. I believe that love and integrity should be present in every action towards yourself and others.

Communication is also important to me, and listening is my favorite part of the process. I enjoy hearing about things that make others tick, such as listening to someone speak passionately about what they love, and it is something that I like doing too. It is important to me to gain knowledge and wisdom as often as I can, so with this, my curiosity keeps my head in a book. If there is a question or topic that I have no knowledge about, in a way that question and issue will become my obsession until I am a walking encyclopedia about it.

My parents made sure to instill morals that my siblings and I still live by in our adult lives. From my physical appearance to my work ethic, I take pride and always hold myself to a high standard. Reputation is important, so I work hard to maintain the integrity of my character.

From all of this, I hope I have made a good first impression, and that my integrity speaks for itself. I look forward to working with you.

National Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors, Houston Association of Realtors


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